SfN Posterface grad student dance party

Bring your party to life!

By hiring a Club La Pro for your party, you not only get all the latest music and all the classic tracks, but also remixes and songs you love but may have forgotten about. We keep the energy HIGH with a professional sound system and can provide lighting to give you that dance club feel. Also, you no longer have to wonder what obscure 1970's mellow tear-jerker your cousin Fred is going to play from his iPod to put everyone to sleep.

We can do parties indoors or out, daytime, nighttime. It's up to you. Planning a graduation party, sweet 16, birthday, retirement, fund-raiser or reunion? We have done them all and would love to work with you to make yours the success it should be.

Hire Club La Productions for your next party. It's easy. It's affordable and it can make ALL the difference.

John Chambers 2015