Administrators, PTA and PTO members and school event planners

Do you want to leave your dances, pep rallies, competitions and events in the hands of a hobby DJ or some well-meaning but unprepared parent?

Of course not.

With Club La Pro, you will be working with a professional who has the experience, know-how, equipment and CLEAN song edits you need. I am a member of the School Dance Network, which is a group of school Administrators and DJs who work together to keep the industry informed about music that is appropriate for kids and music that should be avoided due to either obscene lyrics or content. All the music I will play at your school funtion has been professionally edited for the radio and, in fact, comes from the same company that supplies singles to radio stations across the country.

We have the hottest music before it even becomes hot!

In addition, due to my involvement in local youth sports, I pass a criminal background check twice a year and can provide references if needed.

Call or email for special educational pricing!

I understand that many events held by schools during the year are fundraisers. So Club La Pro has a program for schools with a reduced rate for regular bookings. I want to be your school's DJ, whether it be for a single event or an ongoing basis, so call today and lets see how we can make your next event a success!

John Chambers 2015